My week

It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged. I’ve actually missed it! I am so far behind on so many things it isn’t funny. I had 140 emails to decipher through, I’m behind in my Bible Study, behind in my accounting work, behind, behind! It’s not looking like I will get caught up anytime soon.

It all started last weekend with the boys getting sick. Nothing major to begin with, just nasty colds. By Monday I was picking up Jenna from school. Tuesday and Wednesday Matthew was home from school. Thomas wasn’t getting any better with his cough. I kept saying we’ll give it one more day to run it’s course. They would seem to get better and then seem to get worse. Today was finally the day of reckoning so to speak. I wasn’t going to wait one more day, today was the day to get this over with so off to the doctor we went. Matthew has a pretty bad sinus infection with an ear infection. Thomas they say may have strep throat. They did a quick strep test and it came back negative but the doc says she is not convinced that’s it’s not strep. She gave me a prescription so I don’t have to come back, that was nice considering we don’t have insurance! 

 I love this time of year with the cooler weather, but I hate that it also comes with sickness. Last year we had a very bad run of sickness. For 5 months straight someone (or all  of us) was sick every month in this house. I am praying this is not the start of that kind of season again! As a matter of fact I am declaring that this will not be a season of sickness for us again!

Lots going on in my mind..too many things. It’s like a blur trying to keep everything straight. So much to do but I am good. I am actually not stressing too bad which is good! I am really finally learning to rest in Him and trust in Him for my needs to be met. Yeah 🙂 Be blessed and I pray for good health and no sickness for everyone!


Thomas and Matthew waiting for the Doctor.


A Shifting

I couldn’t go to sleep last night. Might have been the coffee I had before our FPU class or it could have been the pasta dinner after class. My mind was wandering a hundred miles an hour. Is there such thing as an ADD brain. I’m very detail oriented and can focus on task, I don’t get side tracked in my affairs but man my mind can go from one thing to ten different things in a matter of seconds. It’s kind of nerve racking sometimes. I’ll be sitting there thinking of something and before I know it I’ve thought about several other things and never resolved the first thing in my head. I am a major thinker. I don’t think my mind ever takes a rest. I think, I analyze, I ponder, I wonder, I question, I try and figure out, I reason, I even have conversations in my mind..(ok maybe I shouldn’t have said that). With me I have to make sense of everything, it has to all add up. Like one plus one equals two. Well if my thing doesn’t add up like that then I have to figure it out and make it add up. I’m sure by now you are realizing that I’ve probably had a lot of difficulty in my Christian walk with this kind of mind, huh? It seems that everything in the Christian walk is so different than what we are accustomed to. We are supposed to walk by faith not sight. Ohh, that has been a tough one for me! I don’t mind walking by faith I just like to make sure it all makes sense first. So do you think maybe this is some of the reason I have suffered in so many ways over the years? Kind of like the Israelites, they wandered around aimlessly for forty years. They grumbled and complained. I have wandered around aimlessly for too long, I have grumbled and complained way too much. I guess you can’t really change yourself or let God change you until you yourself finally decide that enough is enough and let that change begin. I finally got sick and tired of being sick and tired with my life. I am ready for change now and it doesn’t matter if nobody else changes, or if my circumstances don’t change, but I need a change. I always thought that once everybody else changed or when my circumstances changed then I could change. You know….I’ll be happy when_______. (Fill in the blank) Not so! Over the past several months I finally have been allowing change to come even though nothing else has changed.It’s not easy to swallow your pride and humble yourself and let the Lord do some major work in you. It’s not easy to say “ok, I’ll do whatever even if it doesn’t make sense or even if it wasn’t my fault, etc”. (It’s not easy to admit it to the world either) 😉 There has been some writing about maturity that I’ve read recently, I guess in the grand scheme of things I’m being called to finally GROW UP! My way is obviously not the right way, I was just too bull headed to give into that. Who wants to be wrong? I know I definitely don’t like being wrong. But you know what? I’ve been SO wrong!

You know what’s really exciting is that I sense a shifting in the winds in all areas of my life. I am so excited to see what God is going to do. I haven’t been this excited in a long time!

A work in progress, I keep saying that because it’s a reminder to me that God is working in me and will be until I die. I’m progressing and I thank God I’m not who I used to be even though I’m not where I want to be. Thank God He meets us right where we are at, no matter where that place might be.

One Liners..sort of

* Tom and Jenna are on their way home from camping with the Girl Scouts. They’ve been gone since Friday.

* The boys have gotten sick with a nasty cold over the weekend. Thomas sounds like a dog when coughing and Matthew is hacking up some really funky colored stuff and has a sore throat. I’ll spare the full details.

* Missing Church today L . I really wanted to hear the finale of Jonah.

* Thank goodness we can hear the sermons online now!! J Hope they get it up quick.

* Doing my Monday stuff since I’m home today. I’ll get a head start on the week..yeah!

* Bradley is not moving back home, instead he’s opted to stay with my Mom.

* Bradley staying with Mom has been a help to her. I see a difference in her attitude and outlook. Everyone needs to feel needed sometimes. So this is good for her. The whole cancer ordeal has been very difficult for her emotionally. Maybe she can start that healing process now that the cancer is gone.

* Bradley has a job at Petco. Yeah!

* Wish he’d go to school and put forth an effort towards his future. There’s a lot of things I wish for him. I never realized how hard it was to watch your kids go down rough or wrong roads and feeling so helpless when they won’t take any input or advice.

* Thanksgiving coming soon. Have lots to be thankful for!

* Work has really slowed down. Kind of concerns me. We just started on this budget stuff that we are learning about in the Financial Peace University and now things are slow. That’s frustrating. Anyone need any floor covering give us a call. We sell and install all kinds of flooring.

* Ok soliciting work on here was kind of lame.

* Wish I had taken FPU course a long time ago..would be better off now!

*Thank God we’re taking it now!

* Going to finish what I Monday work.

* Still a work in progress!! Slow progress (my doing) but progressing none the less.

This is Only a Test

Don’t you just love those movies, stories, and fairytales that end happily ever after? Through out the story there are trials and obstacles then at the end everything is worked out and everyone lives happily ever after in harmony. How sweet! Too bad that’s not in the real world also.Everyone knows about my recent trial and obstacle (for those that don’t see my post below on Jonah). It would have been the perfect movie setting we had the trial and obstacles and then in the end they were overcome and now we should be living happily ever after, right? I didn’t really have that fantasy that we’d live totally in harmony but it would have been great if everyone had been touched in some way and behaviors changed miraculously. Not so!

After about the third day the bickering and spatting between kids had started back. Then came the punch. Matthew came running in the house crying and with an obvious red mark on his cheek. That 5 year old boy, who weighs 87 pounds (yes! we even weighed him) had punched him in the cheek. He packs quite the punch for a 5 year old! You can imagine initially how I felt and what I really wanted to do. After making sure Matthew was okay I went outside to confront the 5 year old beast, I mean child. 😉 As I was heading out the door the saying “it takes a village to raise a child” came flooding into my head. In this day and age there is so much vying for our children’s attention. You have the negative influences of T.V., music, friends and yes sometimes there are negative influences in the home weather it is abuse, neglect, or just plain not raising kids the way they should be raised. I could tell that this was just a test for me. I went out and sat down with this child and spoke to him about the incident. After getting him to just pay attention I was able to focus on him and what happened. What a difference it makes to sit and talk to a child who is wanting attention. Since this whole Jonah series and incident I have had so much compassion for these kids and their Mother. I pray for them all the time now and hoping that somehow someway that maybe I can make a small difference in their lives, no matter how difficult that may be.

It takes a village to raise a child. So many people don’t want to get involved with anyone these days. It’s the my four and no more mentality. I’ve been there myself unfortunately, and not so long ago. But if kids are going to have any fighting chance in this world they need everyone’s help. Especially kids who are not being brought up in a Christian home. I made a pact with myself that I would get involved with these kids and try my best to make some sort of difference. Sometimes it takes only one small thing to do just that.

I can see this was only a test. I could very well have been Jonah chapter 4 here (I read ahead). I don’t want to be Jonah chapter 4! I want to be about my Father’s business and helping to make a difference in my neck of the woods!

Still a work in progress, and will be for life.