This is Only a Test

Don’t you just love those movies, stories, and fairytales that end happily ever after? Through out the story there are trials and obstacles then at the end everything is worked out and everyone lives happily ever after in harmony. How sweet! Too bad that’s not in the real world also.Everyone knows about my recent trial and obstacle (for those that don’t see my post below on Jonah). It would have been the perfect movie setting we had the trial and obstacles and then in the end they were overcome and now we should be living happily ever after, right? I didn’t really have that fantasy that we’d live totally in harmony but it would have been great if everyone had been touched in some way and behaviors changed miraculously. Not so!

After about the third day the bickering and spatting between kids had started back. Then came the punch. Matthew came running in the house crying and with an obvious red mark on his cheek. That 5 year old boy, who weighs 87 pounds (yes! we even weighed him) had punched him in the cheek. He packs quite the punch for a 5 year old! You can imagine initially how I felt and what I really wanted to do. After making sure Matthew was okay I went outside to confront the 5 year old beast, I mean child. 😉 As I was heading out the door the saying “it takes a village to raise a child” came flooding into my head. In this day and age there is so much vying for our children’s attention. You have the negative influences of T.V., music, friends and yes sometimes there are negative influences in the home weather it is abuse, neglect, or just plain not raising kids the way they should be raised. I could tell that this was just a test for me. I went out and sat down with this child and spoke to him about the incident. After getting him to just pay attention I was able to focus on him and what happened. What a difference it makes to sit and talk to a child who is wanting attention. Since this whole Jonah series and incident I have had so much compassion for these kids and their Mother. I pray for them all the time now and hoping that somehow someway that maybe I can make a small difference in their lives, no matter how difficult that may be.

It takes a village to raise a child. So many people don’t want to get involved with anyone these days. It’s the my four and no more mentality. I’ve been there myself unfortunately, and not so long ago. But if kids are going to have any fighting chance in this world they need everyone’s help. Especially kids who are not being brought up in a Christian home. I made a pact with myself that I would get involved with these kids and try my best to make some sort of difference. Sometimes it takes only one small thing to do just that.

I can see this was only a test. I could very well have been Jonah chapter 4 here (I read ahead). I don’t want to be Jonah chapter 4! I want to be about my Father’s business and helping to make a difference in my neck of the woods!

Still a work in progress, and will be for life.


1 Comment

  1. cmejia said,

    November 3, 2007 at 3:45 pm

    ok, you are officially my hero today.

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