One Liners..sort of

* Tom and Jenna are on their way home from camping with the Girl Scouts. They’ve been gone since Friday.

* The boys have gotten sick with a nasty cold over the weekend. Thomas sounds like a dog when coughing and Matthew is hacking up some really funky colored stuff and has a sore throat. I’ll spare the full details.

* Missing Church today L . I really wanted to hear the finale of Jonah.

* Thank goodness we can hear the sermons online now!! J Hope they get it up quick.

* Doing my Monday stuff since I’m home today. I’ll get a head start on the week..yeah!

* Bradley is not moving back home, instead he’s opted to stay with my Mom.

* Bradley staying with Mom has been a help to her. I see a difference in her attitude and outlook. Everyone needs to feel needed sometimes. So this is good for her. The whole cancer ordeal has been very difficult for her emotionally. Maybe she can start that healing process now that the cancer is gone.

* Bradley has a job at Petco. Yeah!

* Wish he’d go to school and put forth an effort towards his future. There’s a lot of things I wish for him. I never realized how hard it was to watch your kids go down rough or wrong roads and feeling so helpless when they won’t take any input or advice.

* Thanksgiving coming soon. Have lots to be thankful for!

* Work has really slowed down. Kind of concerns me. We just started on this budget stuff that we are learning about in the Financial Peace University and now things are slow. That’s frustrating. Anyone need any floor covering give us a call. We sell and install all kinds of flooring.

* Ok soliciting work on here was kind of lame.

* Wish I had taken FPU course a long time ago..would be better off now!

*Thank God we’re taking it now!

* Going to finish what I Monday work.

* Still a work in progress!! Slow progress (my doing) but progressing none the less.


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