My week

It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged. I’ve actually missed it! I am so far behind on so many things it isn’t funny. I had 140 emails to decipher through, I’m behind in my Bible Study, behind in my accounting work, behind, behind! It’s not looking like I will get caught up anytime soon.

It all started last weekend with the boys getting sick. Nothing major to begin with, just nasty colds. By Monday I was picking up Jenna from school. Tuesday and Wednesday Matthew was home from school. Thomas wasn’t getting any better with his cough. I kept saying we’ll give it one more day to run it’s course. They would seem to get better and then seem to get worse. Today was finally the day of reckoning so to speak. I wasn’t going to wait one more day, today was the day to get this over with so off to the doctor we went. Matthew has a pretty bad sinus infection with an ear infection. Thomas they say may have strep throat. They did a quick strep test and it came back negative but the doc says she is not convinced that’s it’s not strep. She gave me a prescription so I don’t have to come back, that was nice considering we don’t have insurance! 

 I love this time of year with the cooler weather, but I hate that it also comes with sickness. Last year we had a very bad run of sickness. For 5 months straight someone (or all  of us) was sick every month in this house. I am praying this is not the start of that kind of season again! As a matter of fact I am declaring that this will not be a season of sickness for us again!

Lots going on in my mind..too many things. It’s like a blur trying to keep everything straight. So much to do but I am good. I am actually not stressing too bad which is good! I am really finally learning to rest in Him and trust in Him for my needs to be met. Yeah 🙂 Be blessed and I pray for good health and no sickness for everyone!


Thomas and Matthew waiting for the Doctor.


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