Round #..who knows..of the Crud

I am feeling much better these days. A far cry from what I was feeling last Wednesday – Friday! I don’t ever want to have a sore throat like that again in my life!! I was miserable…but I am SO much better now.

 Unfortunately, in a house our size (5 people now) guess what happens… Things like this spread like a wild fire! I actually caught this virus from Matthew. He had it the previous week. Same symptoms, aches, fevers, chills, sore throat. I started to feel better by Friday night, but by Saturday morning Jenna was complaining of chills and aches and it went from there. She is home from school today. As well as Matthew.

 Matthew woke up last and woke up the rest of us around 2:00 am crying and screaming. Nothing makes a Mother jump completely out of the bed from a dead sleep like a crying screaming child! His ear was hurting him. He had been complaining off and on Sunday of his cheek hurting. His cheek was red and he was running a low-grade fever. I couldn’t figure out the cheek thing though. Well at 2 am I figured it out. It was his ear. Did you know that in young children the eustachian tube is shorter, straighter, and horizontal? Those facts make it easier to get blocked and cause infections. Been through this a few (ha! lots!)  other times so know a little about it. So he has some remnants left from his virus run. Ear infection, upper respiratory infection and impetigo. Yes, impetigo and it may have been passed to me because now my chin/lower lip is broke out like his. Yeah! Doctor prescribed an ointment, let me add a $60.00 tube of ointment. They first quoted me $95.00. Luckily I needed the ointment not the cream!

So, here we go again, another round of sickness. I’m already watching out for signs in Thomas. The last round of sickness we had lasted about 6 weeks. It was not good!! It left me pretty exhausted, discouraged, and broke! I’m praying this round doesn’t last as long and is not as severe.

I am ready for spring, nice weather, and healthy people!!! Amen?! Ohh and our vacation to here, only 49 more days.


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