American Idol, Baby!

Ok, I admit it, I love American Idol. I’m not much of a TV person but I have a few favorite must see shows and AI is one of them. I think it’s fun watching the first auditions, some of it is really hysterical. Tom and I laugh so much we hurt at the end of the show. Sometimes we just wonder what in the world some of these folks are thinking.

Anyway, we are down to the final 20. And here are two of my favorites so far. Of course this could change at any time.

Asia’h Epperson, I liked this girl from the first audition. She is the one who’s Father died a few days before her audition. She has strength, she’s bubbly and cute. I really like her singing style.

For the guys I liked this one….

Michael Johns, I also liked him from the first audition. He’s laid back and I love his voice.

Ok, don’t go hating on me if I didn’t pick the one you liked. I actually like several. These two are just my favorites right now.

So do you watch American Idol? And if so who are your favorites?


1 Comment

  1. David said,

    February 23, 2008 at 4:23 pm

    my favorite is Syesha Mercado…followed by Alaina Whitaker, Archuleta…check out my review on, it’s good if you like AI, great if you also like football.

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