(Out of the Mouths of Babes)

Don’t you hate when you get reprimanded by one of your own kids. God can use anybody including your children to get a point across to you. I think sometimes He really drives the point home through your children.

A few weeks ago I picked up the boys from their Kids Rock class at church. Jennifer went on to tell me how much Matthew just cracked her up so much that morning. This particular Sunday they were learning about saying kind words to others. Well Matthew, who is six, decided to tattle on his Momma about her saying ‘bad’ words. I was never really told exactly what was said, but what was said to me made me feel about an inch tall. Now I will admit to the world that occasionally I say some bad words. But my kids also think idiot, moron, and stupid are cuss words. And unfortunately those particular “cuss” words come out of my mouth frequently when driving around this town, and no I don’t have a cross on the back of my car. Now grant you I’ve come a long way from when a lot of other words would come flying out of my mouth. But still, even the minor ‘cuss’ words are not good.

We are to lead from example. What kind of example am I setting? Not a very good one. It wasn’t too long ago Thomas had to write 20 times I will not say bad words. And yet here I am saying the exact words he had to write about. How fair is that? Do as I say not as I do… that doesn’t work in this day and age.

I’m a work in progress no doubt. I’ve come a long way. I used to sound like a sailor talking several years ago, you didn’t want to get into an argument with me I would hurl the foulest words at you in a second and not think twice about it. But I still have a long way to go. Sometimes I wish the process of progression didn’t take so long. But at least I can look back and see some progress. And you can sure bet I am biting my tongue more now while out on the road.

So I asked Matthew…“Matthew, why did you tell on your Momma“? His reply, “because I love you”. Awww. Isn’t that the same thing God says to us. How awesome.

By the way, if you were one of those people that I may have called (even though you couldn’t hear me) a jerk, moron, or whatever I am very sorry, please forgive me.

If you see me out there on the road and I have a very distorted looking facial expression you’ll now know why…..I’m doing my best to bite my tongue!

My Kindergartner Matthew:



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