Another Round

I know I’ve been MIA here on blogging for the past two weeks but there is a reason. Sickness is the reason.  

Yes, we’ve experienced another round of sickness at the Montagno household. It started two weeks ago today when Matthew woke up in the middle of the night vomiting. He was out of school for two days with a stomach virus. Jenna was home one day that week also but she wasn’t really sick. Then that Friday Thomas came home from school running a fever and not feeling good. Thomas actually ran a fever for 7 days straight anywhere between 100 and 103.3 degrees. Took him to the Dr on Tuesday. Rapid strep came back negative but was positive for the flu. By Thursday he was not getting better as a matter of fact he was getting worse so I called his Dr. Ironic you’re calling us they said because we were getting ready to call you. Thomas’ culture came back positive for strep. I was very much relieved, not because he had strep but that at least we knew why he wasn’t getting any better. By Friday night with antibiotics in him he was feeling much better. Today I can happily say after a full week out of school he is back in school today. But unhappily I have Matthew home from school today complaining of a stomach ache and a sore throat and has a nasty cough coming on. Yesterday he wasn’t feeling good either. He was tired all day and had a sore throat. I am hoping it’s just a cold coming on, ok, maybe wishful thinking, but this stuff has got to stop sometime right? This has been the absolute worst year of sickness ever for us. I know we are not the only ones who have had this mess of sickness. Matthew’s teacher last week said that everyday for a week there has been 3-4 children out of class. What is going on this year??? What is up with all this sickness? It’s not contained to NC either. My sister in Traverse City, Michigan has told me about her grand-kids being sick with the same kinds of stuff all winter. My cousin in Nebraska and her family have battled with the same kinds of sickness also. So what gives? I know I am pretty tired of it all. My kids have missed a lot of school this winter. I have prayed, anointed the house, bleached the house, you name it I’ve done it. If you can suggest anything else I am open to it!! I want my house and family rid of all sickness.

Thomas missed his last basketball game, his awards ceremony, we missed our small group meeting…again, we missed Duane’s surprise party, we all missed church yesterday, I am lacking in good rest, behind on many things, the list goes on all because of this sickness.

We have 21 days and we leave on vacation. We simply can’t miss that!! I need a vacation!!


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