Our Highlight of the Day

The highlight of mine and Tom’s day was not watching a good movie, a romantic walk on the beach, nor a quiet dinner for two somewhere. No, the highlight of mine and Tom’s day was watching in awe the first wash cycle in my brand new washing machine. I know pretty sad huh? But it was really cool! We have had our other washing machine for about 12 or 13 years now. It’s been a great washing machine, still works great. But I have wanted a bigger, better, and more powerful machine (Tim the tool man grunts here) for awhile. With 5 of us in the house I do a lot of laundry and now this thing will allow me to do laundry in half the time, with half the energy, with a quarter of the water the other one used, with also a quarter of the noise. And it has some cool buttons on it. Gotta love that.

Now the best part of this is that this particular machine retails at a particular store for over $1000.00. We got this machine for $500.00 at said store only because it had a few scratches on the front of it. Do I care about a few scratches? Ohh no! I mean it’s not like it’s the focal point of my house where everyone who comes in is going to see it and gasp. To me it gives it character not to mention it’s already scarred so I don’t have to get mad at anybody for scratching my new machine.

Now all I need is the matching dryer to help speed up my laundry process even more. You don’t suppose I could go to the store and drag a key over one…ohhh I’m kidding come on!! God blessed me with this machine and I have no doubt that He will bless me with a really cool dryer too.

By the way, if you know of anyone who needs a washing machine let me know, the old one still works great.


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