Newest Project

I am hoping to transform this…….


Into something like this……..


Keeping in mind that I am not a gardener this is going to be quite the challenge for me. I do not have a green thumb and to make matters worse I hate the feel of dirt under my finger nails. No I am not some prissy girl who’s afraid of getting dirty or breaking a fingernail…far from that! I just don’t like the feel of sand and dirt under my finger nails, it gives me the heeby-jeebies! I know use gloves..that doesn’t work either.

At any rate, the plants were ordered and arrived. I planted them 2 days ago. My neighbors probably were wondering what in the world was going on because every 10 minutes you could hear me quite loudly proclaim…”Ughhhh!!  I hate dirt under my fingernails!!!” That deed is done but I still have the front shade garden to plant.

Wish me luck. Like I said I am not a gardener. So why am I doing this? I think the older I get the more I am becoming like my Mother..ohh gosh I can’t believe I said that, that’s worse than dirt under my fingernails!! 🙂

Maybe I am appreciating the beauty that surrounds us and want some of it in my own yard. All that has been in my yard for years are toys, toys, toys, and more toys. And also now that all the kids are in school I have a few extra minutes of free time to devote to some of God’s beauty. And I love a challenge!

We’ll see what happens. Now the stuff just needs to grow! How long does it take for the stuff to sprout? It’s like been forever now!!


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