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Anita Renfroe’s response to the Mom song is the Dad Song. Check it out…….



Useful Carpet Info

I have people ask me all the time about the differences between carpets such as plush, saxony, berbers, etc. I found this and it’s actually at our website …TRM Floor Covering. If you go to our website I will forewarn you that it is not completely finished yet, so bear with us as we try to get it finished. It does give some useful information about our company.

Here is some info concerning the different kinds of carpet that I am sure you will find useful when choosing carpeting for your home or office. Give us a call and make an appointment to visit our showroom. We would be happy to assist you in the selection and installation of your new flooring.


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Types of Carpeting

Understanding a few simple basics about carpet construction will help you make the right choice for your lifestyle and budget.

Textured Plush

Types of Carpeting - Textured Plush

  • Most decoratively versatile cut-pile carpet
  • Textured surface helps hide footprints and vacuum marks
  • Adds casual beauty to any room
  • Looks great between vacuuming
  • Preferred style for busy households
  • A great “whole-house” carpet


Types of Carpeting - Saxony

  • Refined cut-pile surface
  • Luxuriously smooth, soft finish
  • Beautiful with traditional interiors
  • Adds distinctive elegance to any room
  • Ideal for living and dining rooms
  • Shows subtle highlights and accents

Berber Loop-Pile

Types of Carpeting - Berber Loop-Pile

  • A wool-like look and rugged loop surface
  • Natural, hand-crafted appearance creates a warm, personal atmosphere
  • Tight loop texture helps hide footprints and vacuum marks
  • Subtle patterns fit a variety of room styles
  • Ideal choice for contemporary to country to cottage furnishings

Berber Cut-Pile

Types of Carpeting - Berber Cut-Pile

  • A new berber look with all the wonderful color and interest of traditional loop berbers
  • The great plush “feel” of thick, cut pile carpet
  • Beautifully crafted and colored yarns add personality to any room
  • Very versatile decoratively, ideal for casual rooms, kids’ rooms, etc.
  • Subtle color flecks help hide soil that might appear between cleanings


Types of Carpeting - Cut/Loop

  • Carved definition with cut-and-loop pile
  • Accent colors spice up floor surfaces
  • Multicolor effects hide soil and stains
  • Looks great between vacuuming
  • Choose from soft tonals to bolder color combinations

Commercial Loop

Types of Carpeting - Commercial Loop

  • Versatile styles blend comfortably with any decor
  • Durable long-wearing surface pile engineered for high traffic areas
  • Intriguing color choices suitable for professional and practical installations
  • Textured surfaces provide subtle highlights

Just A Few Things

It’s 12:30 AM, I am tired, no exhausted, yet sleep aludes me.

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve blogged anything. Here are a few things that have gone in the last several weeks.

  • Thomas was sick with the flu and strep throat
  • A week and a half later he broke out in hives..Dr thinks it was the antibiotic..I don’t think so
  • That same week Jenna got a bad ear infection
  • After that the kids started their 3 1/2 week break from school
  • A week later I came down with strep throat..never had that in my whole 30 something years
  • Had to get 5 people packed and ready for our Walt Disney trip (while sick w/strep)
  • Same week our company was suspended from one of the businesses we vendor for b/c one of our crews had a person on the job that had not been background checked. Having all people background checked is a necessity and is terms for termination of contract with them.
  • Left for Walt Disney World
  • Actually let Tom drive almost all the way and I actually slept on and off on way down.. two things I never do while traveling
  • Walt Disney was fun..but being sick and stressed over above did take it’s toll the first few days
  • Learned to let it all go and have fun if I could just do that all the time!
  • Roles reversed while on vacation…usually I hate large crowds of people and get agitated, irritable, & impatient because of them. Tom is the free spirit who loves people & doesn’t let anything bother him. Not so on this trip at role reversal
  • Thursday night Jenna woke up complaining that her ear was bothering her.
  • Friday Thomas was broke out in little itchy bumps all over face and arms probably from sunscreen I used..that has never happened before
  • Saturday we came home..couldn’t do another park again..Walt Disney way too crowded and hot and we were all SO tired from cramming in so much in so little time
  • Sunday (today) had to take Jenna into the Children’s Clinic walk in (thank goodness they have one on Sunday) She was in alot of pain and now has another really bad ear infection
  • We still don’t know the status of our contract..we are still suspended at this word on weather it’s indefinitely or temporary
  • On top of all the above it’s that time…and you ladies reading this will understand that and understand why I actually wrote that
  • Now I need a vacation from all the above and a vacation from the vacation!!!! LOL
  • I really did enjoy Walt Disney World in spite of everything going on!
  • Kids on their last week of vacation
  • Now I’m contemplating life..where I am at…where I am supposed to be…who I am…Who I am supposed to be…my destiny…and on and on
  • So many few real answers
  • Wondering what’s next..
  • wish I was back in Disney

OK..I think that’s it..alot has happened in less than a month!

Now that I have dumped my head maybe I can go to sleep….Good Night!