Things that make you re-evaluate life…….




Sometimes life just doesn’t seem to be fair! Things happen that make you question your beliefs, your own mortality, where you’re going, where you’ve been, etc.

This past week someone we knew died from a drug overdose. He was 23 years old. This hit me really hard. My heart has ached so much upon hearing the news for several reasons. For one it is such a senseless death. One minute partying having a good time and next fighting for your life, such a sad way to go because it was preventable. 

Another reason it hit me so hard is because my own son is 20 years old. My kid didn’t run around with this crowd, but he could easily have if we had stayed where we were a few years ago. And even so this could be my kid, it could be your kid.

I can’t even imagine what this kid’s poor mother is going through right now. He had his whole life ahead of him. He was a great kid, outgoing and so so funny. My heart aches so bad for her. I can’t even fathom the pain she’s feeling.

Now I sit here and wonder why? And I know I may never know why. But I still ask why. We were all praying hard for a miracle..can you imagine the testimony he could have had if he could have pulled through and lived to tell about it? In the back of mind that’s what I kept thinking would happen, but a week later he died. And it’s left me to ponder SO many things.

So is there such thing as an untimely death? In our human reasoning we say yes. But can we as mere humans mess up so doing drugs or whatever and by our own negligence can we die earlier than what God had intended? We have a free will…we disobey and sometimes God just lets us go do our own thing…so not to say that He can’t prevent it all but doesn’t He let things happen? So could we have an untimely death because of our own stupidness?? Been told there is a time we all die…yes we know that…but do you think that sometimes maybe if we hadn’t did “that” maybe we’d be alive? I don’t know…just thoughts I’m pondering.

Lots of stuff running around in my head because of this. My mind races, my heart aches, yet I know God is good.

We are not guaranteed tomorrow so make the most of today. RIP Jason.


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