6 More Days and It’s OVER!!

Only 6 more days and it will all be over! I for one will be glad when this election is over!

I am tired of…

  • all the negative ads…from all sides
  • the junk mail ads in the mail everyday
  • the phone ringing constantly with candidates ads
  • the negativity of all people in general from this election
  • the totally biased medias…aren’t they just supposed to report the news? Now we have left news medias, right news medias etc…how about just the news no matter what your station’s political views???
  • the signs & posters littering our landscapes
  • all the $$$ being spent on these elections…can you imagine all the hungry people that could be fed with some of that money?
  • ohh, and the glaring looks and snide remarks from people I don’t know because of the bumper sticker I have. Yeah, I actually had that happen, one was an older man in his 60s. I chalked it up to alzheimers.
  • Did I mention the negativity from PEOPLE in general??!! Come on we are not all alike…just because I don’t vote for who you want doesn’t mean I’m a bad person, or stupid, or have my head in a hole, or ___________(you fill it in)
  • I know there is more I am tired of but I’ll leave it at that for now!


Isn’t it great we live in a free country where people can express their opinions? Isn’t it great we have the freedom to vote? If you haven’t voted yet then go……..




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