Mixed Emotions…





Well the election is over and the American people decided on Barack Obama for our next president. I have to say that I have a lot of emotion going on now. I am excited that we have made history in electing an african american for president, but on the flip side I am apprehensive that it should have been Obama. I am saddened in the fact that I think…notice I said I THINK… that this country is going to become an even more liberal country than it already has become. The United States was founded on Biblical principles and I feel that those principles are going to become obsolete. God has been slowly taken out of everything, this may be the final push to get Him completely out. But I do have to say, that God will give His people what they want sometimes, even if it is not a good thing for them. But He will only allow them their wants for so long. Eventually He will get fed up with a nation that rejects Him and His principles and He will judge that nation.

I voted for John McCain based on my christian beliefs and principles. I will not be ashamed that he lost this election. I will support Barack Obama as our president. By support I do not mean that I will agree with  his policies. But I will support him with my prayers and I will respect his authority as president.

There are so many things that I could say, so many thoughts, so many emotions. But I will leave it alone for now. Only time will tell, and I will try to remain optimistic for our country, our economy, our world, etc.

Congratulations Barack Obama. I pray you will do our country right.





  1. Bryan Helmig said,

    November 5, 2008 at 10:32 am

    Prayer is exactly what he needs. His job is to be President our job is to pray for our leaders.

  2. teaescapade said,

    November 5, 2008 at 3:23 pm

    I agree, we must pray for our leaders regardless of who won the presidential election – Obama or McCain. As a fellow Christian and Obama supporter, I say let’s keep an open mind. We have no reason to believe that Obama does not believe in God. Nor do we have any reason to believe that he will lead this nation to Godlessness. Throughout history there have been many presidents that claimed to be Christians and claimed to believe in God, yet made many bad decisions and upheld unGodly laws and legal decisions. Therefore, it is my prayer that all of our leaders from the President to the City Council Members will seek Godly wisdom in all of their decisions and allow the Holy Spirit to lead them.

    Be blessed!

  3. miketuckeysenior said,

    November 15, 2008 at 9:46 am

    With the sole exception of the statement that this country was founded on Christian principles. I believe; this country was founded on a basis of equality for all. Among that equal standards is the freedom to practice the religion of your choice, without interference from the government.

    Being an “Irish Catholic for Massachusetts,” I am concerned that you will dismiss my comments as being those of a “Mass. Liberal.” I must tell you, despite the fact that you and I voted for different candidates for our commitment to the Presidency, the Union, and the commitment to form a “more perfect Union,” are the same. They would be the same, had John McCann, a great example of the priniciples of the U.S.A., had gotten elected.

    Our Union is based on One Country, One People, One Union. Equal to any other teaching of Jesus Christ is his teaching of Brotherhood and Tolerence. But, it should also be noted, these teachings may be found in the Torah, and the Koran, yes the Koran! As many Christians have done to the Bible throughut history, the teachings of the Koran have been perverted my a minority of Islamic fundamentalist for their own personal agenda. As Christina and American, and as Jesus taught us, our duty is to show our non-believing brothers (and sisters) that we are acceptance and we work for a “more perfect union” and a better world.

    I find our persent use of the word “Liberal” to be very interesting. Without changing what I say or my core beliefs, I have been caled and extremely Liberal and a radical conserbative. Clearly, the label is not based on what I say; but, the perspective of the listener. Let’s not total pervert the concept of “liberal” in its historic context. In the writings of John Locke and Thomas Hobbs (both devout Christians), “liberal” simply means; the authority and power of a civil society remains with the populace, not the government. I can’t imagine and Barack Obama, John McCann, or any other true citizen of the U.S. ever disagreeing with that concept.

    I closing, I invite you to read MY blog on this recent election: miketuckeysenior.wordpress.com. I think you will find striking similarities in our opinions; despite our differing votes.

    Gold Bless You and Your’s and God Bless the United States of America.

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