Week Recap

This is a week recap.

  • Saturday (last) Tom & I took the kids to Moore’s Creek Battlefield Park. It was beautiful.
  • Sunday we went to Rock Church it was good. The kids love going to church. Then we had the Moms over for dinner
  • Mondays are my regular laundry and cleaning day..yeah.
  • Tuesday kids out of school. We went to Toys R Us, Military Store, Halyburton Park, My Mom’s, ate lunch at McDonalds, Greenfield Park, & Matthew had Cub Scouts
  • WednesdayI treated myself to a little “me” time with shopping. Got to have lunch with my hubby. Kids went to AWANA at Northside Baptist, they love that, Tom and I went to Shooters Choice and shot a 9mm Glock…way cool and fun!
  • Thursday I stayed home and cleaned out the garage (major task) now the kids can play pool and air hockey and I can walk through there & not trip over stuff. Then I cleaned out the refrigerator almost as daunting as the garage!
  • Friday took Bradley to get tags for his car..yeah! After a month of riding my bike back and forth to work he is now MOBILE again. I know he’s happy. Tough love stinks but I believe us not bailing him out of his woes made him grow up a little and I bet he’ll be more responsible about paying his insurance next time!

It was a busy week yet productive. Tom has been working this week so that’s good. We are still very far behind in business and personal bills. It’s hard to get caught up once you get behind. It’s discouraging sometimes but I try to stay positive. It’s getting tougher especially with Christmas coming up.

That’s a recap on our week. How was yours?


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