Random Ramblings

  • it’s been another busy week
  • i’m really starting to get a little discouraged about our financial situation..it’s never been this bad
  • i’m feeling that “pressure” of the holiday season coming upon me
  • i’m glad to know that i have God to lean on in these tough times, He may not make my issues go away but He does make a way for me to go through them without going too crazy
  • the Bible study i’m doing has been so good for me
  • jenna looked so pretty last night doing her angelic scene for the Trask Chorus…i can’t believe how much she is growing up
  • jenna is finally starting to adjust better to middle school
  • my boys are crazy and so much fun…glad i have them
  • my poor dear hubby is so stressed about our current financial situation, it makes my heart ache
  • i have SO many things rolling around in my head, it’s hard to process it all, i don’t know what to do with it
  • i was reading some journal entries from last year, boy was i messed up
  • thank God He answers prayer and made this year such a growing season for me
  • He really elevated me this year emotionally & spiritually
  • i still have a long way to go though
  • i’m amazed how at peace i am most of the time given the severity of our situation, i get a little discouraged but not down and depressed
  • God is good
  • things could be worse and they may get worse but i’m believing they are going to get better
  • did i mention that God is good
  • a big plus…my car will be paid off next month…hooray! that’s a good thing
  • i’m glad i didn’t get that new car i was eyeing this past spring, i just couldn’t bring myself to get it, thank you spirit for telling me i didn’t need it
  • i know lots of people are suffering in these uncertain economic times it kind of makes it easier to deal with to know we aren’t the only ones
  • hey gas prices are under $2.00 WOW! about time
  • where did this year go? it sure flew by
  • i’m going to be 40 in january omg!
  • so on top of christmas we have mary’s birthday dec 2, matthews dec 14, my sister dec 25, jan 4 Jenna’s bday, jan 5 thomas’s bday, jan 8 my dad’s, jan 26 mine.
  • we are always broke in december and january every year so we shouldn’t notice this year lol
  • i have no clue how we are going to do christmas this year or birthdays…no clue
  • God is good though
  • that’s all for now folks



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