2008 A Year in Review

Wow 2008 is over.  Hard to believe another year has ended and now we forge on to a new year ahead. I have this excitement building in me for the coming year. I have no idea what it holds, but I am really excited about it.

I have been reflecting on this past year this whole month. I think just about everyday I have had to stop and thank God for this past year. I have seen amazing growth and progress in me over the past 12 months. It was a slow progress but progress none the less. Things have happened in me and changed me in ways I could never even begin to describe.

I know at the beginning of this year I was crying out to God for freedom, healing, and to know Him in a deeper way. I remember dreaming of being free from emotional chains that had me bound. I am amazed how He has answered those prayers and dreams. It has deepened my faith, my trust, and given me confidence I have not known in many years. I can truly say that I have FREEDOM in many areas of my life. Self made chains and shackles have been broken link by link. It’s awesome! It’s an awesome feeling to feel free.  I believe this growth was preparation for the coming year that’s why I am excited about 2009.



Goodbye 2008, hello 2009. I can’t wait to see what lies ahead.

Happy New Year everyone!


Christmas 2008 Photos


Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! We had a great Christmas this year. God blessed us tremendously in many ways. He’s an on time God and knows what you need and provides. He’s amazing!

This was a very light Christmas due to our financial situation but the old saying that less is more held so very true for us. The kids each got the one big thing they really wanted…I thank God that he helped us find each of these items at a deep discount, I mean deeeppp discount. It really is amazing how He provided for us. And to think all these years we went overboard with too many things and at times went into debt to have such an elaborate Christmas. At the end of the day Thomas said to us…”this is the best Christmas ever” and Jenna & Matthew agreed.

Who would have thought that less really is more? Our Pastor said a few weeks ago that no matter what you get your kids it will be more than enough, amen to that. I will remember that and this Christmas for a long time.

Now I’m getting excited about the New Year ahead!

Things I’m Learning

Here are a few things I am learning while dealing with a difficult person.

I am learning to:

  • become more patient
  • be more compassionate
  • forgive quicker
  • be more understanding
  • lean on God more
  • pray more about situations instead of griping about them
  • roll with the punches so to speak
  • see the positive first in everything
  • love the unlovely
  • not look at others through a magnifying glass
  • not see myself through rose colored glasses

I am realizing that I too can be difficult at times. This makes me more aware of how that makes those around me feel when I am difficult. I can sit here and justify my issues but being difficult weather big or small is still not good. It doesn’t honor God when I am being difficult.

I want my life to honor my Father. If that means changing my ways then so be it. God is so good.

Dealing with a Difficult Person


I’m just going to vent for a second here….I have been totally frustrated, annoyed, irritated, and just plain ticked. Why? You ask. Well I have a difficult person in my life. I’ve had a difficult person in my life for as long as I can remember. It’s really been getting bad and I need some relief in this area of my life so I have been PRAYING a lot about it. The following are some of my thoughts on this subject, maybe just a reminder to myself to help me endure the difficult person in my life.

So far I have come up with these truths:

·         There will always be difficult people in the world. Some you can just turn away & never deal with again, some are family or coworkers who you have to deal with. That’s just life, like there will always be sin in the world because of the fall, there will always be difficult people.


·         It doesn’t matter what you do you just can’t please some folks.


·         When dealing with these difficult people, remember it’s more about them than you. Try not to take it personally. Hurting people hurt people. They don’t even realize how difficult they are.


·         Most difficult people are just angry, bitter & resentful people and unfortunately take it out on those closest to them.


·         You can’t change a difficult person! Only God can change them, with a little help from the difficult person themselves.


So how does one cope with a difficult person? I am going to try and put into action the following:

·         Love them anyway, no matter how hard that is to do


·         Try and see them through the eyes of Jesus and not my own eyes


·         Focus on the positive attributes of the difficult person


·         Try to empathize if not than sympathize


·         Have patience, my lack of patience only exasperates the situation


·         Don’t argue with them, it’s pointless


·         Try and keep a sense of humor


·         Pray for them (and myself)


Having to deal with a difficult person in your life can leave you exhausted, stressed, and really bring you down with all their negativity. I think most important is to keep myself before the Lord. He is the only one who can give me strength, endurance, and patience to see me through when I am dealing with this difficult person.

I think the Lord is dealing with me in how I respond to this difficult person. I really want to do the right thing it’s just SO hard sometimes. But I know that I am called to do better and be better. So after weeks of suffering from irritation & frustration over my difficult person I began to seek the Lord in the situation. I told Tom that this person was going to be my service project this holiday season. I am going to do right, act right, be nice and patient even if it kills me!


Do you have a difficult person in your life? If so, how do you cope with them? Especially when that person is a close family member?