Things I’m Learning

Here are a few things I am learning while dealing with a difficult person.

I am learning to:

  • become more patient
  • be more compassionate
  • forgive quicker
  • be more understanding
  • lean on God more
  • pray more about situations instead of griping about them
  • roll with the punches so to speak
  • see the positive first in everything
  • love the unlovely
  • not look at others through a magnifying glass
  • not see myself through rose colored glasses

I am realizing that I too can be difficult at times. This makes me more aware of how that makes those around me feel when I am difficult. I can sit here and justify my issues but being difficult weather big or small is still not good. It doesn’t honor God when I am being difficult.

I want my life to honor my Father. If that means changing my ways then so be it. God is so good.


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