Christmas 2008 Photos


Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! We had a great Christmas this year. God blessed us tremendously in many ways. He’s an on time God and knows what you need and provides. He’s amazing!

This was a very light Christmas due to our financial situation but the old saying that less is more held so very true for us. The kids each got the one big thing they really wanted…I thank God that he helped us find each of these items at a deep discount, I mean deeeppp discount. It really is amazing how He provided for us. And to think all these years we went overboard with too many things and at times went into debt to have such an elaborate Christmas. At the end of the day Thomas said to us…”this is the best Christmas ever” and Jenna & Matthew agreed.

Who would have thought that less really is more? Our Pastor said a few weeks ago that no matter what you get your kids it will be more than enough, amen to that. I will remember that and this Christmas for a long time.

Now I’m getting excited about the New Year ahead!


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