Week in Review

  • My 3 favorite shows started this past week: 24, American Idol, and Battlestar Galactica (this one is TOPS). Doesn’t get much better than that! If you don’t watch these you are sadly missing out on the best TV ever!
  • Started the Daniel fast
  • Had a hellacious headache for 2 days straight…it was almost killer!
  • For the most part the fast has been good…I’ve been low carbing it for a while now so these foods are actually a treat for me. So that’s kind of cool.
  • found out that I love Soy milk…who knew? Even Jenna & Matthew like it.
  • It’s been really cold here. I don’t like the cold anymore. I don’t care that I was born and raised in Michigan I will never go back to that cold and snow….well if God makes me that’s another thing, but He’ll have to really convince me it’s Him making me go!
  • the boys went back to school this past week…wooohooo! It’s been nice and quiet around here, you know I love that!
  • Thomas made straight A’s on his report card. Yeah! I’m proud of him!
  • Things are still very tight financially I mean like squeezing hard tight but I am ok. God has blessed me with so much grace to handle this right now. It’s amazing, I should be like really freaking out. Poor Tom is doing enough of that for the both of us though. He needs a lot of prayer right now, it’s affecting him hard & it’s trickling down to every area of his life.
  • 8 more days and I turn ____! Oh my gosh! That’s crazy!
  • So today at church Pastor Bstepped ALL over my toes! Ouch, ouch! I was hurting afterwards and left with a lump in my throat. For real. I love to hear a message that convicts you and challenges you to rise up. I will blog more about it later. It really shook me up.
  • going to continue with the Daniel fast and see it all the way through. Tom and I had planned in December to do a fast for a week and then our church decided to do the 21 days. We still had it in our minds to do only a week then I read this and that changed my perspective on it completely!
  • On to another week…make it a good one folks!


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